The Importance of Customer Sales Relationships

Dear MyCareer Alumni,
Are you needing a Customer Service boost? Is your Sales Team losing focus or missing the mark when it comes to keeping the client happy and securing the sale?
Here are some helpful tips and breakdown of the CRM process and the importance of understanding your customers needs and expectations.
Roland Roccioletti MAICD, ESCI


CRM is a strategy, process and technology that lets your company make the most of every sale by optimising revenue and getting a better understanding of the customer's needs. The CRM universe rolls together sales (as a type of Sales Force Automation), marketing, and customer service into a single package. That information is then used to manage, measure and keep track of the processes of marketing, sales and customer service as they relate to that customer. Overall, it builds greater loyalty and a better customer experience.

With CRM everyone has access to what's going on with every customer and can access the information necessary to keep that customer happy.

Now, if we focus on the Sales portion of this we see that, with CRM, Sales can build that relationship and that relationship can be extended deeper into the company to customer service. So, you have an even greater chance of keeping that customer happy and addressing his or her needs quickly and efficiently. Marketing can use the data gathered to develop new business solutions, directions and more effectively communicate the offerings of the company.



These tips are basic guidelines that any sales person can benefit from.

  • Listen to the emotional side of your prospect or client
  • Focus on your prospect or client's needs
  • Use language that focuses on your prospect or client
  • Help your prospect see the bottom line
  • Find out your prospect's priorities
  • Know your prospect
  • Focus on why they should buy - not their objections
  • Sell the benefits - not the product
  • Never rush the sale or the customer
  • Know your products, as well as the market - be a RESOURCE
  • Follow through with promises
  • Focus on the client's success
  • Use explanations rather than excuses

Ready To Be Your Own Boss? Develop These Three Habits First.

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Dear MyCareer Alumni,
I saw this article recently on LinkdIn and was very impressed with the strategic and disciplinary intent of how one needs to be successful in their own endeavours. I Hope you enjoy the article as much as I did!
Roland Roccioletti MAICD, ESCI

Roland Roccioletti MAICD, ESCI




"You're not the boss of me!" My little 5 year old niece said to her much older brother one day. He was telling her to stop running around the house. I had to hide my smile as I instructed her to listen to her brother, because he didn't want her to get hurt.

Reflecting on her declaration of independence, I thought about the times I wanted to scream the same thing to some of my bosses. How I yearned to venture out on my own. 

Once I finally did, I realised it wasn't so easy.

Gone were some of the predictabilities of having someone to tell you what to do. Gone was someone holding you accountable for getting your tasks done. Gone were the scheduled meetings that helped you to keep on track.

Three of the big challenges for me were: self-discipline, accountability and time management. 

Harry S. Truman once stated: "In reading the lives of great men, I found that the first victory they won was over themselves... self-discipline with all of them came first."

1) Self-Discipline: I had to summon my willpower to do the things that makes business successful. Even the ones that I didn't enjoy. Sometimes I had to push myself to act, instead of overthink a project.  I created my business plan. I took the time to research the marketplace to find my target audience.

Cold calling is not fun, but I make it fun to get my prospects. I make time to read and learn more about my audience. Continuous learning also helps to improve my skills. This ensures that the products and services I offer is up-to-date and relevant.

Before you head out on your own, think about some of the bad habits you have. What could cause you to stumble if you do not control yourself? Make a note of it. Commit to practice self-discipline. The more you practice self-discipline in a certain area of your life, the easier it is to accomplish that task.

"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." - Proverbs 27:17

2) Accountability: it is difficult to keep oneself countable. Therefore, I turn to others to keep me accountable. I have a few great friends that can share what goals I have to meet. They hold me accountable for achieving those goals. My mother is notorious for keeping me accountable. If I tell her that I'm writing a proposal for a client, during our next phone conversation she would ask if I've finished it. She does so, because she cares my success.

Find your accountability partner. Someone that genuinely cares about your success. Share your goals with him or her. You will be grateful to know that amazing folks are in your corner helping to make you better.

"Lack of Direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days."  - Zig Ziglar

3) Time Management: Zig Ziglar's quote is so true. We all have twenty-four hour days. Yet, we may think there is just not enough time in a day. I used to believe that strongly. Until I took Dr. Stephen R. Covey's course "Seven Habits of Highly Efgfective People." It was one of the best courses I participated in. I learned to manage what I do within the 24 hours I am given. I also learned to set priorities and say no top things that do not impact my productivity or positivity level. As your own boss, you will need to proritise your activities. By planning your activities throughout the day; you are able to adjust your schedule should an emergency come along. Once you deal with that emergency you can quickly return to your schedule. It is eye-opening to see how many hours one can waste when we don't plan or budget or time wisely.

As I mintioned, being your own boss won't always be easy. Yet, if you practice self-discipline, hold yourself accountable and utilise your time properly, it won't be as difficult. perhaps you will be able to declare your own independence to your boss, like my 5 year old niece did to her older brother. 

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